Beginning Again

I have been away from my website for about a year practicing to become a better face painter. I am better, but have a long way to go. There are highly talented painters in the world of face and body art. It seems attainable to become quite good, but I often lack the discipline to keep practicing my ‘scales’. I get fidgety and want to be doing something else. Not always…there are those rare times I get into a groove and really enjoy the lost hours spent creating. Times like tonight. I have been listening to my Natalie Merchant “Leave Your Sleep” playlist and doing some painting exercises from Florence Canes book, “The Artist in Each of Us”. I love happy evenings like this!

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My Studio


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Some of my craft work

Every time I see something I like I want to make one, too, so even if it’s only once, I like to experiment with it.  Here are some dolls and other crafts:

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Danita Workshop – Mixed Media From The Heart

I am so excited to be participating in the Great Danita’s online workshop!  She is just as wonderful as you would expect her to be and the workshop is the most thorough, organized class I have taken online.  I absolutely adore her and really like all the other artists taking the course…it’s not too late to sign up!

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The amazing Beatriz Martin Vidal!


I love finding extraordinary new artists to love and I have definitely fallen in love with this one…

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Thank you, Baby Dolls Boutique!

I stopped by Baby Dolls Boutique on Southport in Lakeview yesterday with my new ballerina painting and the owner, Vanessa Rodriguez, who is just the kindest, most personable shop owner, agreed to have it up for sale in her shop.  I am including a link to their website.  It is full of fun, happy little things you can buy for others or for your own deserving self!

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Ballerina #3

I’ve just finished a new ballerina painting and think I will take it to Baby Dolls Boutique on Saturday and see if they want to hang it in their shop.  Like all of my art, this one has been a struggle, but I am learning a lot from taking Suzi Blu’s “Petite Dolls” class and can’t wait to take Danita’s Workshop that starts on June 25th!

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Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Finished!

Here are my finished paintings for my two little collectors!


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Kate & Quinn

Here is my finished painting for Kate & Quinn!

Here are the girls:

and here is their painting:

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I Love Danita Art!

Danita’s art is so whimsical, unique and adorable.  She is one of my favorite Etsy Artists!  You can find her here: (and here:)

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